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Egyptology-Africa Unit For

The Re-construction Of The Ancient Egyptian Language

  iaka watu    iaka watu 

'beings of light' - 'wise instructed folks'


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Researcher Ferg Somo

Greetings from The Kiswahili-Bantu Research Unit For The Advancement Of The Ancient Egyptian Language.  

The contents of our research is called the Bantu Rosetta stones. Consider each block of hieroglyphics as a newly discovered ''Bantu Rosetta Stone'' from which future sound/meaning relationships between words may be discovered. 

We have included almost one hundred and fifty Bantu Rosetta Stones for you to study and verify. Many more discoveries have been made. Our main aim is to unify the Bantu languages of Africa, a branch of the wider Niger-Congo group of languages with the Ancient Egyptian language.  Please note, some hieroglyphics are not embedded on the web pages. Therefore I have included PDF versions alongside the web pages. I am trying to sort the problem out.

  Could you please report any problems you encounter to me. Also please feel free to criticise the findings.

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